May 28, 2019 2 min read

Dip powder nails are trending all over style magazines and social media these days. Check your Instagram or Pinterest and you are likely to find a video of someone dipping their nails into powder. In Pinterest’s guide to theTop 100 Trends of 2019, the social media company notes that searches for dip powder nails have increased 442%, as people look for alternatives to traditional nail polish that can provide a “pow of gloss and color”.

What’s driving this hot new trend? Well, the secret has gotten out: dip powder is so much better.

There are several key reasons why:

Say Goodbye to Chipped Nails

There’s nothing worse than when you get a manicure and two days later your nails are chipping. Your gorgeous nails that looked so glamorous when you left the salon are suddenly looking messy and cheap. Chipping is pretty unavoidable with traditional acrylic polish, but dip powder changes the game. One application of dip powder can last several weeks and won’t chip on you. Your dip powder manicure will look perfect until you’re ready to remove it (and put on a new color!).

Better For Your Nails

If we’re being honest, nail polish isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing. Some nail polishes contain butylated hydroxyanisol (BHA), a known carcinogen, and many gel polishes contain chemicals known as the “Toxic Trio”: dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. Gel polish also requires curing with UV light, when can pose risks to the skin.

In contrast, dip powder doesn’t contain any of these toxic ingredients and will air dry - removing the need for UV exposure. While no nail polish would be considered truly “healthy”, dip powder provides an better alternative with less risk of damage to your nails and skin.

Fun, Easy, & Inexpensive to DIY

While an occasional trip to the nail salon is a nice treat, relying on professionals for 100% of your nail care is expensive and inconvenient. One container of dip powder can give you ten manicures for the same price as a single salon visit, and is a whole lot more fun to do in the comfort of your home.

Since dip powder is such a unique way of applying polish, it’s a fun change of pace and exciting to see the beautiful finished nail come together as you go through the steps. While painting your own nails can be challenging (especially when you have to paint your strong hand with your off hand!), dip powder is straightforward and easy. Dip your way to perfection!


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