May 28, 2019 2 min read

Ready for summer? Maybe you are, but how about your nails? Didn’t think so. Not to worry though. You can still get in on the top nail trends to look perfectly polished and pulled together. Beachside, poolside, or anywhere in between, you’ll have the look with these 7 nail polish trends for summer 2019 that are true works of art!

  1. Two-Tone Style

If you have ever sat and debated over colors before, the two-tone style is just for you. You can take two bright colors and pair them together for a sleek and bold statement that is just right for dialing up the heat this summer.

  1. High Shine

Metallics and glitter galore are totally back! If you loved them during the holidays, you can make it Christmas time in July. Doing it yourself? Keep things smooth so it has that sleek and futuristic look rather than something you and your gal pals did while having a binge-watch of Netflix last weekend.

  1. Noir

This is definitely a refined version of Goth, one that anyone, even the least rebellious lady out there, can pull off. Black nails are so luxurious, like polished onyx. For summer 2019, the key is that high-gloss finish for a chic and sophisticated style rather than one that screams “Hot Topic.”

  1. Nothing But Neutral

Don’t confuse ‘neutral’ with ‘nude.’ While nude polishes do fall into this category, the trend is for all muted colors, even in light blue, pink, and lavender. It looks elegant and refined, perfect to waft from the doldrums in the office to the tiki bar on the weekends.

  1. Not-So-Mellow Yellow

We’re hardly surprised that Pantone announced some joyous yellow shades as the color of summer 2019. They’re sunny and bright, just what you need for a cheerful and fun summer!

  1. Fabulously Fluorescent

Summer fun is all about adding pops of fluorescent color. It’s less about going full-on bold (we have those yellows for that anyway) and more about using fine lines, stripes, and even neon motifs atop a clear base of calm.

  1. Going for a Dip

And finally, one of the biggest trends of all will allow you to easily achieve any of these to nail trends for summer 2019 in an impeccably effortless way…dip powder! It is such a hot trend right now, one that you can pull off at home even if you’ve always had trouble keeping regular nail polish from getting wonky.

Dip powder is every gal’s best friend because it makes getting these trending summer 2019 nail art styles a snap. Once you try it, you’ll be a believer too, one with beautiful nails to show off everywhere you go!